Those who know anything about the Spider-Man comics know that Gwen Stacy, the love interest portrayed by Emma Stone in this summer’s The Amazing Spider-Man, meets a rather unfortunate end in the comic books series.  And Stone is not only aware of Gwen Stacy’s fate—she’s actively pushing for it.

While most actors would likely argue for more screen time or to keep their character around as long as possible in a big-budget superhero franchise (even one that begins with the relatively lackluster The Amazing Spider-Man), Stone, while chatting with Cameron Crowe in Interview Magazine, wants Stacy to go out just as she did in the comics:

“[Fans ask] about whether or not the films are going to stay true to her story…Which I’m hoping they are… Essentially the argument is that Spider-Man kills her by accident. So the person she loves is the person who kills her, which is the most horrifying thing. Apparently people unsubscribed to the comic book when that happened because they were just so flipped-out over it. But, of course, I want to stay true to that.”

In The Amazing Spider-Man #121, Gwen Stacy is tossed off of a bridge by the Green Goblin/ Norman Osborne.  Spider-Man arrives in time to catch her with a string of web, only to find that she’s already dead—with the hero unsure as to whether or not the Goblin had killed her before hand, or if the jolt caused by his rescue snapped her neck.  Dark, no?

Sony has already set an Amazing Spider-Man sequel for May 2, 2014, and it is rumored that Sony is gunning for at least a trilogy of new Spidey films.

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