Sci-fi experts Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman are well-established in their chosen genre, but now it seems they are venturing into the unknown realm of fantasy; both are attached to produce Dragonology, a film based on the series of books, beginning with 2003’s Dugald Steer’s Dragonology: The Complete Book of Dragons.

The writing duo are known for working on projects such as Star Trek, Cowboys & Aliens, and Transformers, as well as this summer’s family drama People Like Us. Dragonology is currently set up over at Universal.

The studio reportedly picked up the rights to the series in 2008 and had Leonard Hartman attached to both write the script, but now Hartman will simply serve as an executive producer while Kurtzman and Orci start the search for a new screenwriter – they’ll also be overseeing the draft of the new script.

So, what’s Dragonology actually about? Glad you asked: the story follows a group of ‘dragonologists’ (dragon experts?) who group together in order to prevent a villain from using the world’s remaining dragons to “wipe out humanity.” The book series already stands at 12 titles, and the franchise is already making money from merchandise such as board games, toys and models. So, call us crazy, but it sounds like the movies could become a fairly big (huge) thing.

Kurtzman and Orci signed a two-year, first look deal with Universal back in May and this project is to be part of that deal. That’s not all the pair are up to at the moment, though; according to CinemaBlend they are also currently working with the studio on rebooting their famed classic monster series by working on films about both Van Helsing (we reported in May that Tom Cruise is producing that one) and The Mummy, as well as writing the sequel to The Amazing Spider-Man and, along with Damon Lindelof, have written the screenplay for J.J. Abrams‘ upcoming Star Trek sequel, which is due out next summer. Phew! We’re exhausted just thinking about it!

Are you excited about Dragonology?