This week, Drop Dead Diva welcomed guest star Kim Kardashian in “Picks and Pakes.” Is orange the new black? Because that’s exactly what she wore as she reprised her role as Nikki — from behind bars.

The Players:

  • Director: Jamie Babbit
  • Writer: Joshua V. Gilber and Oscar Balderraama
  • Cast: Brooke Elliott, Jackson Hurst, Kate Levering, April Bowlby, Josh Stamberg

Episode Title: “Picks and Pakes”

As the title suggests, this week’s episode is split between two storylines. On the “picks” side, you have Jane’s case, in which she gets to work with her legal idol Lawrence Brand(played by Dylan Walsh) – who happens to be suffering from Pick’s disease. When his illness leads to erratic behavior in court, she’s forced to take the lead. As for “pakes,” Stacy’s successful bakery business is in trouble again. This time, a patent troll is on her tail, looking for 50 percent of her profits (the moral of the story: File your paperwork).

The Good:

  • Jane Elbows Nancy Grace: The episode begins with Jane appearing as a guest on Nancy Grace’s show. It leads to some patented Jane brain bursts and she impresses Brand that she gets him to admit on national TV that he’s changed his mind  (a previously unseen feat). But things don’t go so well on Nancy’s side of the table. Jane spills water on herself, jumps up, and lands a hard elbow to Nancy’s face. Oh, and she naturally becomes a YouTube sensation in the process.
  • Pake Patent: All of Stacy’s woes stem from the fact that she never filed her patent for the pake, giving a troll the window to swoop in. After her relatively easy rise to success, it’s nice to see her endure a believable setback. It creates the opportunity for the return of Kim Kardashian, who plays Stacy’s con artist business partner Nikki. Since she took pictures on her phone of Stacy inventing the pake, Grayson decides they need to track her down. They find her in jail, using Stacy’s name (she was pulled over for speeding, and got hit with Stacey embarrassing number of unpaid parking tickets). They bargain bail for the photos.
  • Pake Off: To prove that Stacy is the rightful inventor of the pake, Grayson stages a courtroom cook-off. Only the TRUE inventor could win because the cake and pie crust bake at different rates (duh). Wacky moments like this make Diva.
  • Kim is Pregnant: Remember how Luke turned out to be even less angelic than Fred because he’s trying to date Kim? Well, Kim started giving Luke the cold shoulder and by episode’s end, we know the reason: She’s pregnant. And it’s definitely not Luke’s (so no direct Charmed ripoffs happening on Diva). The obvious suspect is Parker, who should be thrilled to have Kim and a kid back in his life.

The Bad:

  • Luke: If Luke’s going to be as doofy as Fred but not nearly as loveable, he can spread his wings and fly right back to the pearly gates. We don’t need that element on this show.


“Picks and Pakes” was an all-around fantastic episode. All of the characters had interesting stories, except for maybe Luke and Grayson. They’ve both been bore-city for at least half a season at this point. There was just enough whimsy to make it perfectly Drop Dead Diva. Plus, the guest stars were killer: Kardashian No.1 and Doctor Sean McNamara!

Rating: 9.5/10

Drop Dead Diva airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on Lifetime


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