You wouldn’t know it from the weather, or practically anything else, but summer is over. At least for movies, where we’re getting second and third stringers in the theater. And that’s why only one film cracked ten million this weekend, and that’s why The Expendables 2 stays on top. It’s a weak week.

Film Weekend Per Screen Total
1 The Expendables 2
$13,500,000 (-52.8%) $4,024 $52,314,000
2 The Bourne Legacy $9,300,000 (-45.5%) $2,545 $85,500,000
3 ParaNorman $8,546,000 (-39.3) $2,474 $28,274,000
4 The Campaign $7,440,000 (-43.3) $2,253 $64,543,000
5 The Dark Knight Rises $7,150,000 (-35.1)
$2,744 $422,188,000
6 The Odd Life of Timothy Green
$7,125,000 (-34.2) $2,742 $27,080,000
7 Premium Rush $6,300,000 $2,794 $6,300,000
8 2016 Obama’s America $6,238,000 (+401.2) $5,718 $9,075,000
9 Hope Springs $6,000,000 (-34.1) $2,498 $45,000,000
10 Hit and Run $4,675,000 $1,629 $5,868,000

Even though The Expendables 2 fell more that fifty percent, it still had enough in the tank to stay on top. In fact, none of the new releases cracked the top five. Expendables will not make it to $100 domestic, though. International is starting to trickle in, and if it can get over $200 Million worldwide, we may yet see a third one, but this looks like the end of the line.

The Bourne Legacy looks to slouch its way to $100 Million, which isn’t the worst total in the world, but would make it the lowest grossing Bourne movie as the first film made $120 Million. Much like The Amazing Spider-Man, the numbers aren’t disastrous, but the reboot significantly underperformed any of the previous films. ParaNorman is chugging along, but it’s going to have to flatline to be a big hit. Coraline made it to $75 Million domestic. This should hit $50, but we could see it keep playing.

The Campaign probably won’t make it to $100 Million. $80-$90 seems likely at this point, which isn’t bad, but is way less than – say – Due Date or Step Brothers, both of which made it over $100 Million. The Dark Knight Rises made more than $420 million, dude.

Premium Rush made a little over $6 Million, which is why people are probably going to want to talk about 2016 Obama’s America more because it was an outlier and had the highest per screen. I remember last year box office people wanted to talk about the Atlas Shrugged movie, or there’s always excitement when a Christian-themed movie does really well on a low budget. Though the film may have flown beneath many box office radars, that causes an overreaction to something that targeted its demographic with good precision and got a lot of people who agree with the central thesis to come out. I don’t know if Rush Limbaugh talked about it, or what, but yes, it was able to gross six million this weekend, which is less that The Dark Knight Rises on its sixth week of release, and it’s not like the picture can expand and grow. The film has made $9 Million, expect it to top out at $20 (at best). That’s a lot of money for a documentary, but says nothing about this year’s election. The Sarah Palin documentary The Undefeated made only a hundred thousand at the box office, so I guess it says that right wing base hates Obama more than they love Palin.

Reality Check: I thought Premium Rush would siphon off some of The Expendables success, but otherwise, I was pretty close. So there’s that.