All sorts of news bits are here to sprinkle onto your weekend pop-culture dining:  A Thanksgiving-based slasher film is happening courtesy of Grindhouse, even more evidence as to why Chevy Chase is still the biggest ass in Hollywood, more than expected Arrested Development is on the way, Lincoln gets an eerie poster, and more.  Check it all out below!

  • Eli Roth really is making a Thanksgiving slasher movie: One of the immediate pleasures of Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino’s Grindhouse double feature is all of the fake trailers wedged into the experience.  Rodriguez’s own Machete is becoming a franchise, so why can’t lightning strike twice?  Thus, Eli Roth is expanding his slasher trailer spoof, Thanksgiving, into a full feature.  “We finally cracked the story and figured out how to really make it scary, and the reason to do it. I’m really excited about it… So we’ll have a draft soon.”  This is happening.  This is actually happening.  [/Film]
  • Dan Harmon dishes on Community-era Chevy Chase feud:  Fans of Community know that former show runner Dan Harmon and series co-star Chevy Chase didn’t have the most pleasant of relationships, what with Chase leaving obscene voicemails for Harmon, and Harmon taunting him by playing said voicemails in public.  Want to know where things really took a turn for nasty, driving the wedge between the two?  It was because Chase was simply too tired one day and didn’t feel like shooting a two-minute post-credits video game scene that was important a lot to Harmon. “So this was the one time in three years that his personality caused unfixable damage to something I really held valuable,” Harmon said.  [The AV Club]
  • David Cross says fourth season of Arrested Development will be longer than planned:  When news first broke of a Netflix-exclusive fourth season of Arrested Development, fans of the doomed cult series cheered.  Then we found out it would only consist of 10 episodes (and a movie), and sighed a bit.  But David Cross, who portrayed renowned never-nude and analrapist Dr. Tobias Fünke said it will be closer to 13 episodes due to a complex and heavily layered plot.  “I think it’s going to be 13 episodes, not 10…This makes Lost look like a Spalding Gray monologue.”  Hey, we’ll take anything, even if it’s only three more eps.  [Rolling Stone]
  • The Best Home Invasion Movies:  The next time you need to distract a couple of goons breaking into your home, keep ‘em busy with a movie list… like, say, the best home invasion movies ever.  Give us a call from the safe room and let us know if this works.  [Unreality Magazine]
  • Celebrity Photos That Leave You With Questions: Celebrities do really stupid and questionable things.  Unfortunately, Al Gore went and invented the internet, which is basically like the Encyclopedia Stupidica of wacky and inexplicable celebrity pictures.   Curious to see some of the oddest celeb pics this side of Elvis hugging Nixon?  Here you go.  [Unreality Magazine]


Curious as to how uncanny a resemblance is shared between Abraham Lincoln and Daniel Day Lewis?  Dig the new one-sheet for Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln.   It’s spooky.  Lincoln hits theaters November 9, 2012.


That’s the end of our round-up for this week. Keep checking back at ScreenCrave for more entertainment news and features.

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