Though the picture comes out September 21, we haven’t heard much from Dredd recently. the film stars Karl Urban, Game of Thrones‘s Lena Headey and Olivia Thirlby in an adaptation of the comic books. The film screeened at Comic-con and we heard mostly positive things, so this new extended TV spot does get us excited.

The character of Judge Dredd turns 35 this year, as he made his first appearance in the comic book ’2000 AD’ in 1977. Comic book fans have long revered the character, though few revere the 1995 Danny Cannon film Judge Dredd, which had Sylvester Stallone playing the titular Judge, Diane Lane as his female partner and Rob Schnieder as the comic sidekick. It’s probably not as bad as its reputation suggests, though it’s not a particularly good movie, just one made before they knew how to make comic book movies. Here’s the TV spot for the new one:

It’s been confirmed that the film is very similar in structure to this year’s great action pic The Raid, but Dredd and his partner have to shut down a building manufacturing the drug called slo-mo, not the cocaine or heroin of The Raid‘s plot, so it’s totally different. Though this summer delivered a number of action movies, few were all that satisfying, so we’re hoping this delivers enough kick-ass action to make it a good red meat night at the theater.

Are you stoked for Dredd?