Film fans, get ready for the news that will ruin your week: VideodromeDavid Cronenberg’s classic 1980s film about media and its effect on the mind, subjective vs. objective reality, and consumption—is, of course, getting remade.  But the really bad news?  It’s being scripted by the guy who wrote the last two Transformers films, and directed by a gent (Adam Berg) who’s made some commercials, music videos, and a short film.  Begin your sighing now.

Look, remake’s happen.  I get it.  But Videodrome?  The film is arguably as perfect as it’s ever going to be, and there are serious doubts that Ehren Kruger—writer of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Scream 3, and Reindeer Games—is going to be able to top Cronenberg’s masterwork.  Further, Videodrome is already such an eerily prescient work that it really doesn’t need to be remade to reflect our current addiction to media, 24 hour news cycles, the internet, etc.

Oh, but hey, don’t worry—Deadline notes that Kruger’s script will “modernize the concept, infusing it with the possibilities of nano-technology and blow it up into a large-scale sci-fi action thriller.”  If the words “large-scale sci-fi action thriller” don’t make your heart sink when being thrown around in connection with a Videodrome…well, I sort of envy you at this point.  Because it essentially sounds as if Kruger is going to turn Videodrome into Total Recall.

No word yet on the remake’s release date.

What do you think of a Videodrome remake?  Are we overreacting?

Source: /Film