There’s nothing wrong with getting old – it’s getting lazy that’s the problem. But age and absence often leads some filmmakers to lose their passion or craftsmanship. So we’re curious how Brian De Palma‘s Passion plays. His last big theatrical release was 2006′s The Black Dahlia (and few saw his 2007 film Redacted), but after a five year absence he now gets to play with stars Rachel McAdams and Noomi Rapace. Check out the trailer…

Of the numerous things that make this feel retro, first and foremost would be playing on hot lesbian sex as one of the big draws of the movie. That feels like something that was a little more popular a decade or so ago. Or maybe it’s that there’s a bit of Showgirls in this film. The up and comer, the dominant woman, the likelihood that neither is what they seem, masks, malice. We shall see.

The film will be playing the Toronto International Film Festival in a couple of weeks, and we’ll know more then about the film. Currently the film has no American distributor, so unless Lionsgate or – maybe – Fox Searchlight picks it up, expect it to end up on Video on Demand sometime next year. As Brian De Palma is one of the great working American filmmakers, we hope it’s great.

Who would you pick in a fight: Noomi Rapace or Rachel McAdams?