I feel like misquoting John Lennon. Here goes: “So this is Summer, And what have you done?Summer is over, which means award season has begun (The Master‘s been screening a lot) and I hope you had fun. We’re going to be looking at some interesting films over the next couple of weeks, but in terms of numbers, everything’s going to be weak.

This week we see The Apparition and Premium Rush hit theaters this Friday, while Hit and Run has already opened. None of these are expected to open with any strength, which also speaks to the end of summer. This is a cool down period, and though we should see at least one or possibly two films crack $10 Million this weekend, it’s going to be a small showing.

The biggest possible hit of the new films would be Rush, which stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt. He seems to be in the same position Ryan Gosling was in last year with a flood of movies both big and small. That also works against him. JGL doesn’t have name brand recognition outside of a small pocket of fans, so it’s hard to say if Gordon-Levitt in a bike movie gets audiences out. As an actor, he’s been smart about working with good directors, and attaching himself to smart material. But that’s good for the career, not necessarily for the box office.

It feels like Warner Brothers never cared about The Apparition, and maybe they never did. Low profile horror movie with no real names equals a dump release. That may mean they never believed in it (which would be funny, given the central premise of the film). Hit and Run has Bradley Cooper and Kristen Bell, which may be just enough to keep it from going straight to video. The Expendables 2, which should drop more than 50%, should have enough in the tank to take the weekend.

But as the summer ends, other than The Dark Knight Rises, The Avengers, Ted, and Magic Mike there haven’t been many out of the park successes. Yes, Brave should get over $230, but that still puts it in the lower half of Pixar’s films, while The Amazing Spider-Man‘s $258 Million is by no means chump change, it’s still the lowest grossing Spider-Man movie even with 3D and Imax bumps, in fact I would bet if you factored out 3D and Imax, it would be closer to $200 Million, which would be half the number of the first Spider-Man.

It’s hard to know if this is a transitional summer (and the way the industry changes, most summers are), or if we’re seeing an end of a current model, as many of the big event pictures couldn’t deliver, and most of the reboot type stuff didn’t do great, stuff like The Bourne Legacy, Prometheus, and Total Recall. But more on that next week.

So, numbers:

  1. The Expendables 2 - $11 Million
  2. Premium Rush – $9.7 Million
  3. The Bourne Legacy – $8.5 Million
  4. ParaNorman – $8.3 Million
  5. The Campaign – $7 Million

Like I said, the summer is over. Maybe some interest could bump the other two new titles into the top five, but I doubt it.

What are you seeing this weekend?