Although it was announced last month that AMC Networks will not be ordering a third season of the mystery crime drama The Killing, it might not be the end for troubled series, as Fox Television appears to have found some parties interested in keeping the show going. Read on for more.

Apparently Fox Television Studios is in “early talks” with both DirectTV and Netflix to pick up the series for a third season, in what is mostly likely to be separate, exclusive deals, according to /Film.

So far, Netflix has declined to comment, while a DirecTV spokesperson was quoting saying:

“We are constantly having conversations about bringing new shows to Audience Network, and we do take a look at everything that is available, but we haven’t made any decisions this summer in regards to new programming.”

Apparently we could find out the fate of the series sometime in the next month.

AMC decided to drop the show after season two produced some rather disappointing numbers, despite the show answering a lot of important questions from the first season. As it stands, there are 26 episodes, and the mini-series follows the investigation of one case: the murder of Seattle teenager Rosie Larsen.

So, what killed The Killing? (Aside from AMC, of course) Are audiences just too impatient nowadays to put up with the kind of plot-twists, curveballs, red herrings and open-ended questions that television shows like this puts out there?

The series wasn’t all bad, however, and produced some interesting characters. Mireille Enos and Joel Kinnaman starred, and it probably isn’t the last we’ll hear of those two actors, even if this is the end of The Killing.

Would you watch a third season of The Killing, or should the show stay dead?