The Rocketeer—the 1991 Disney film about 1930s-era hero adorned with a rocket pack and an Iron Man-ish helmet famously crashed and burned at the box office when it was released 21 years ago (time, critical reevaluation, and fan appreciation have been kinder to the film over the years).  And now, two decades later—and despite original director Joe Johnston’s (Captain America: The First Avenger) efforts to get a sequel off the ground—it’s getting the remake treatment.

It’s an odd development from the studio—the film bombed upon original release despite a huge marketing push, and the character doesn’t have the populist brand-name appeal of an Avengers or an X-Man.  After all, The Rocketeer is the story of a stunt pilot who gets his hands on a rocket pack and kicks Nazi and gangster ass, and not the depthless, CGI boom-booms that rake in the big bucks.  That said, /Film does note that this could be Disney’s attempt to revitalize one of their own properties, rather than buy the rights to another Marvel superhero.

While it’s hard to imagine a world benevolent enough to let us receive a decent Rocketeer film in 2013 or 2014, here’s hoping nonetheless.  Let’s just hope it’s less Iron Man and more Indiana Jones.  But with, you know, rocketpacks.

What do you think of The Rocketeer news?