Want to see a deleted scene from Joss Whedon’s The Avengers?  Seeing as how the film has grossed over a billion dollars in less than six months, it’s likely that you do.  So, to herald the coming of The Avengers on Blu-Ray and DVD (do people still buy new DVD’s?), you can now dig a scene that hit the cutting room floor in which Mark Ruffalo’s Bruce Banner has a brief philosophical discussion with Harry Dean Stanton.

That’s right, the Hulk and Harry Dean Stanton have a brief chat about good vs. evil.  And while the scene is a little too on the nose (not that the rest of The Avengers was the most subtle exploration of heroism ever filmed), it does allow one to imagine a spin-off film in which the Hulk and Harry Dean Stanton team up and go on the road to solve mysteries and get into various adventures and clunky philosophical conversations that parallel the overall narrative.  Check it out:

The Avengers Blu-Ray and DVD is set to hit shelves on September 25, and is crammed with deleted scenes, bonus features, and more.  Oh, and yeah, the movie’s in there somewhere, too.

Will you be buying The Avengers on Blu-Ray?

Source: /Film