Brace yourselves, people: Nicolas Cage, Nicolas Cage’s hairline, and Josh Lucas are teaming up for a cinematic confrontation in which the two actors attempt to, well, out-Nic Cage each other.  Both actors turn in manic, wild-eyed and stupidly-coiffed performances in Simon West’s upcoming Stolen (Hey!  It’s like Taken but… not), in which the two men become embroiled in vengeance, a kidnapping, improper use of taxi cabs, a teddy bear, and numerous heists.  Oh, and Cage’s hairline has entered into a full-on physics-defying mode.  Check it out.

In the film, Cage and Lucas play criminals and former partners.  Lucas, looking for a debt payment from a prior job, kidnaps Cage’s daughter (Sami Gayle) and holds her for random.  Cage’s solution?  Team up with Malin Akerman to rob $10 million in cash during Mardi Gras.  As /Film notes, it’s like every other dumb Nic Cage film, all rolled into one.  Dig the trailer:

So there you have it: Josh Lucas going all Nic Cage, to the point that Cage himself seems a tad restrained by comparison.  However, one must trust that Cage will offer up at least one inappropriately-timed and sweaty-faced screaming monologue.  One must trust.

Stolen is out September 14th.

What do you think of the trailer?