This week, Drop Dead Diva delved into “Family Matters” with a mother seeking justice for her dead daughter. However, the real story, had more to do with Jane and Owen’s struggle for control over their own family dynamic.

The Players:

  • Director: Augie Hess
  • Writer: Amy Engelberg & Wendy Engelberg & William N. Fordes
  • Cast: Brooke Elliott, Jackson Hurst, Kate Levering, April Bowlby, Josh Stamberg

Episode Title: “Family Matters”

After Jane signs on to fight a case against a rave company, she receives a death threat on Owen’s life. Naturally, she goes behind his back and sets up a security detail. She continues to use his heart attack as an excuse for lying to him and he continues to be annoyed. While Owen tries to focus on the seriousness of the case (the mother involved is an old friend), Jane and Stacey try to figure out why he doesn’t want his father at the wedding.

The Good:

  • Owen Stays Dodgy: If Owen is going to be an ass, it’s good that he commits to the role. He may be back with Jane, but that doesn’t mean he’s done being history’s most difficult groom. Stacey has just about finished the wedding invites, but there’s one address she can’t pin down: Owen’s dad. It’s great to see him give the girls the run around with the planning, but his reason turns out to be lame city (see “The Bad”).
  • Kids Do the Darndest Things: Jane’s case hits a snag when it’s revealed that the girl who was hurt (and later dies in the hospital) actually took ecstasy before hitting the event. The ravers then petition to have her BFF/supplier added to the defendant list. Thank goodness she actually died of dehydration after the company purposefully shut off the water fountains at the venue to sell grossly over-priced bottles of water. That was a close one!
  • Jane’s Crazy Talk: For whatever reason, Jane thinks Owen deserves to know the truth about her Deb past. Luke, in his only valuable move in several episodes, explains how absolutely crazy this sounds.

The Bad:

  • Owen’s “Falling Out” with His Dad: Remember how Owen was super reluctant to give Stacey and Jane his dad’s address for a wedding invite? Turns out, it’s because his dad married wifey number 3 after a short courtship and asked Owen to officiate the marriage – but Owen refused. Then with a cliche sitcom-y laugh, he thanks the girls for making him face his father again. Aww, cute…
  • Luke: Oh Luke, you just continue to make my bad list. I’ve said it before and at this rate, I’ll probably be forced to say it again: Luke is a wasted promise. He seemed so good, so mischievous when he first appeared at Harrison Parker. And now all he’s been reduced to is a would-be boy toy for Kim and Stacey and a partner in crime for Teri.


While the case was interesting in “Family Matters,” little else about the episode was. Owen continues to be oddly likable despite his many flaws and Jane continues to be a little overbearing as she plans her life with him. Owen used to bring out Jane’s adventurous side and that dynamic needs to return if viewers are expected to stay behind them as a couple. Let’s hope that happens, since the alternative is Grayson the Boring.

Rating: 6/10

Drop Dead Diva airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on Lifetime

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