With the last month of cinema dominated by the likes of Batman, Colin Ferrell, and Jeremy Renner, that may be enough to explain why The Expendables 2 opened a little soft. Here’s where I should really make a Viagra joke. Okay, the film opened hard for four hours, but then had to call a doctor? That good?

Film Weekend Per Screen Total
1 The Expendables 2
$28,750,000 $8,670 $28,750,000
2 The Bourne Legacy $17,020,000 (-55.4%) $4,535 $69,581,000
3 ParaNorman $14,008,000 $4,085 $14,008,000
4 The Campaign $13,385,000 (-49.7%) $4,112 $51,694,000
5 Sparkle $12,000,000 $5,348 $12,000,000
6 The Dark Knight Rises $11,140,000 (-41.3%) $3,529 $409,916,000
7 The Odd Life of Timothy Green $10,909,000 $4,199 $15,187,000
8 Hope Springs $9,100,000 (-37.9%) ) $3,854 $35,051,000
9 Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days $3,850,000 (-51.9%) $1,407 $38,762,000
10 Total Recall $3,500,000 (-56.3%) $1,438 $51,782,000

Action fatigue and the fact that the first film is pretty terrible (and to be fair, the new one is terrible, but at least it’s entertainingly so) may have dinged The Expenables 2, as it did not grow its fanbase, and opened to a little under $29 Million, which is six million less than the first film. It seems unlikely this film will hit $100 Million domestic (as the first film did), though it’s quite possible it will do exceptional business in Russia, etc.

The Bourne Legacy may scrape its way to $100 Million, the question is then if that’s enough to keep the franchise going. It cost too much for that to make the film profitable, but extending a franchise can sometime work if the first reboot acts as a loss leader. If they can get Matt Damon back, perhaps it can be extended. Universal would pony up for that.

ParaNorman opened with numbers similar to Coraline (though a little under). It’s possible it could also have a long play factor in the dog days of summer. Look for a $50-$60 Million total, and (hopefully) a long shelf life on home video. Sparkle didn’t shine (sorry), but as it was done on the cheap, it’s quite possible that it will make money at the end of the day. That’s a success determined by how much it cost to market the film as it was made for $14 Million. It could get to $30 domestic, maybe more. And The Odd Life of Timothy Green was a non-starter. Maybe if this video goes viral it will find a greater audience.

The Campaign could limp to $100 at this point, but will probably have to settle for something closer to $80 Million. It was always a risky movie, and it’s unfortunate that comedies like it don’t tend to play well internationally. If only there were more fart jokes. Hope Springs may hang out for a while, but it’s yet to level off. It could.

Now for two milestones: The Dark Knight Rises crossed $400 Million, it’s currently the twelfth highest grossing film of all time, and will crack the top ten, though it may not hit one billion worldwide. Also Total Recall, with little to no chance to crack $60 Million, is looking to be the summer’s biggest bomb. Battleship made it to $65 Million, but also made $300 Million worldwide, and there doesn’t seem to be another misfire in the same boat. Even something like Dark Shadows has a greater cume, though it’s possible that Sony went with a slower international roll out.

Reality Check: I thought Sparkle might pull in a bigger audience, and gave Expendables too much credit, as some of that audience seemed to go for second week of Bourne. Otherwise, it’s not the worst predicting I’ve ever done.

What did you watch this weekend?