While summer 2012 is finally beginning to wind down, there’s certainly been no shortage of interesting news bits: from Kristen Stewart’s possible return in Snow White and the Huntsman 2 (it was reported earlier this week that she’d been canned) to the return of Indiana Jones (but in IMAX form!) to a sneak peek at scene from Paranormal Activity 4 (hint: the camera shakes and people yell a lot), we’ve got a bevy of news bits you may have missed this week. Check ‘em out!

  • Kristen Stewart may return for Snow White and the Huntsman 2 after all: Earlier this week, we reported that Kristen Stewart had been kicked out of her own franchise, which was to then be focused solely on the Chris Hemsworth’s Huntsman. Not so, says Universal Pictures co-chairman Donna Langley. Rather, the studio is “currently exploring all options to continue the franchise,” and that rumors of Stewart’s exit, thus far, are “false. [CBS News]
  • Disney’s Undead Princesses: Speaking of Snow White, ever been curious what the princesses of the Disney universe would look like if they fell under the sway of a zombie holocaust? Sure you have. And in a series of comically disturbing artwork, your dream at seeing these monstrosities may now come true. Warning: Probably not for kids, or anyone who’d like to keep their inner child intact. [Unreality Magazine]
  • Don’t get too cranked for Crank 3 quite yet: On a recent junket for The Expendables 2 (check out our review!), Jason Statham excited Crank fans by stating that he’d love to do a sequel, with a hearty “of course!” He then added that series directors Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor two people he just can’t say no to. But don’t get too excited—Statham then added that there isn’t even a script for the film yet. [Collider]
  • Indiana Jones and The IMAX Theater of Doom: Remember when Indiana Jones was cool, before the madness of The Crystal Skull took over? So do we. Want to relive Raiders of the Lost Ark in all its 1930s movie-serial glory, in spectacular IMAX size? Yeah, so do we! Turns out AMC is doing just that—in celebration of the Indy series getting a Blu-Ray boxset release next month, AMC is holding a screening of all four Indy flickss all over the country. The hitch? It’s only for one day—Saturday, September 15th. They’re also screening Raiders for one week in IMAX.  Interested? Check out AMC’s theater listings to see if Indy is coming to an IMAX near you. [AMC]


  • The Tall Man motion poster: In what looks to be a modern twist on the slasher/ haunted town genres, Pascal Laugier’s The Tall Man tells the story of a small mining town in which children are snatched away by an entity known as ‘the tall man.’ But once Jessica Biel’s kid is taken away, well, let’s quote Bad Boys II and say s*** gets real. Or, at the very least, posters start to move slightly. [Total Film]


  • Paranormal Activity 4 – It Has Begun: What ‘it’ is and exactly how it’s beginning isn’t really clear in this sneak peek of the fourth film in the PA franchise. That said, it’s got just about all you can expect from the franchise: shaky cams, heavy breathing, jump cuts, and annoying people yelling before mercifully dying. PA4 is set for an October 19, 2012 release. [/Film]

That’s the end of our round-up for this week. Keep checking back at ScreenCrave for more entertainment news and features.

What are you excited for this week?