It may be fake, and Joss Whedon, Mike Birbiglia and Ira Glass may be the best of friends in real life, but the recently fabricated internet war between The Avengers and Sleepwalk With Me is entertaining and funny nonetheless. Read on for more.

The whole drama started earlier this week when Whedon, director of the third largest film of all time, The Avengers, called for a boycott to the delightful, Sundance Audience Award-winning film directed by Birbiglia and co-written by Birbiglia and Glass (This American Life). What was Whedon’s problem? According to /Film, his quarrel was that The Avengers was in danger of losing screens to Sleepwalk and, therefore, should be boycotted. But in the process, he also gave it several several flattering compliments.

Birbiglia and Glass’s response involved their plan on how Sleepwalk With Me is going to outgross The Avengers. It’s funny, as well as a bit of an eye-opener. Take a look below:

Putting aside the humor and obvious exaggeration, we’re left with the crazy numbers that The Avengers has put up since its release. Glass and Birbiglia highlight how much business an independent movie would have to do to compete with one of these major Hollywood films and while its funny, it’s also a bit sad and gives us all something to think about.

What do you think of the pseudo-feud?