Burn Notice is nearing its summer season finale. The questions raised by Nate’s sudden death are closer to being answered and Fi’s time in jail (and her deal to get out) comes back into play.

The Players:

  • Director: Jonathan Frakes
  • Writer: Bridget Tyler
  • Cast: Jeffrey Donovan, Gabrielle Anwar, Bruce Campbell, Sharon Gless, Coby Bell

Episode Title: “Official Business”

Last week, Michael and company traded on Pearson’s career for a clue to find Nate’s killer: a lead on their gun. In “Official Business,” Michael plans to make good on his promise to not let Pearson’s sacrifice go to waste. Unfortunately, the CIA comes calling for Fi – who’s in some legal indentured servitude after being sprung from prison. The result is Fi taking the lead on one of her (and the group’s) most dangerous missions yet.

The Good:

  • Fi’s CIA Contract: Leave it to the CIA to come back and screw Team Westen over at the least opportune moment. This week, some fine print in Fi’s release agreement forces her to take on a case for two hapless CIA agents. Call it girl power, but it was pretty cool seeing Fi do things her way.
  • Sam and Jesse Forever: Sam and Jesse are tasked with finding a weak link in the iron fortress of a system between Michael and Nate’s shooter. When posing as an uber-rich oiler doesn’t get them access to the files they need, Sam and Jesse trick the right-hand man with a phony job offer. It sounds a little hokey, but the bromantic chemistry between them made it work.
  • Femme Fatale: Fi’s CIA gig consists of posing as the friend of the mark’s girlfriend. He’s a man suspected of selling ballistics tech. The girlfriend is the CIA’s inside man, but she needs some assistance. Except, it turns out that the innocent, quivering girlfriend is none other than (BUM BUM BUM) the actual seller of said tech. Burn Notice skews pretty heavy on the side of male villains, so this was a nice twist.
  • Michael the Mechanic: During part of Fi’s mission, she sabotages the suspected bad guy’s car and the CIA has to jump in at the closest auto shop and pose as staff. They try to help Fi sneak some much needed hardware into the compound. They barely pull it off , but the whole charade is worth it to see Michael stagger out dressed in coveralls and speaking with a slow slur.

The Bad:

  • Where’s Maddy?: I’m suffering serious Maddy withdrawal. Jesse is great, but he’s no chain-smoking grandma.
  • Too Easy?: Even with Fi’s sidetrack working with the CIA, Michael has the name of the shooter (Tyler Gray, only identified as “TG” on his employment firm) and more blood on his hands. The informant doesn’t make it through the week, probably courtesy of good ol’ Tyler. The team makes a lot of progress toward learning who killed Nate and avenging his death, but it seems like everything fell into place at once. I expect Michael Westen to have to work a little harder.
  • Fi’s CIA Contract Voided: The biggest tragedy of the night is the throwaway line from Fi at the end, where she basically gets the CIA cronies to let her out of her contract. What were the writers thinking with this one? Fi as a spy is kind of amazing. It’s sad that the whole thing is just a one-off.


“Official Business” was solid and sets us up for a potentially explosive season finale. The journey to getting the information Michael so desperately needs was great, even if the payoff came a little too easy.

Rating: 7.5/10

Burn Notice airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on USA.

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