Because what the world really, really needs is another movie about zombies, rumors are beginning to swirl around the production of The Walking Dead’s third season that the popular AMC zombie/ survival horror program that the show is set to receive a feature film follow-up in its future.  Which hopefully means a full two hours of Lori bitching incessantly, Carl constantly getting his ass kicked, and multiple characters finding increasingly insipid and contrived reasons to think it’s a good idea to go walking by themselves in a forest full of walking, cannibalistic and infected walking corpses.

But before you get too excited about the prospect of seeing all of your favorite Walking Dead characters endlessly argue with one another while sitting in a farm or jail setting, keep in mind that this is only a rumor at this point–/Film notes (via Bleeding Cool) that unnamed sources who happen to “work closely” with both the Walking Dead crew and AMC have said that movie talk is happening.  This is in no way confirmed by Walking Dead showrunners or AMC.

It isn’t entirely a surprise, though—the comic book was originally discussed as a film adaptation before AMC picked it up as a TV series; further, the show’s popularity makes this something of a no-brainer (insert your own zombie/ brains joke here).

However, it is also noted that the idea of a Walking Dead film has thus far only popped up in “non-business conversation,” meaning that a film isn’t likely to happen any time soon, nor is it known if the film would only happen after the series ended, or if it would be a bridge between seasons, or simply a stand-alone adventure.   So you’ll likely have to be very, very patient, Dead heads.

What do you think of the Walking Dead news?