Nancy Botwin has always been a bit of a floozy. As brave and smart as she is, she’s relied on her feminine assets to finish the job. It happened that way with the DEA agent, the Mexican kingpin and the Polish siblings. Now, like clockwork, Weeds is relying on her womanhood to make her a successful pharmaceuticals sales representative. It’s… disappointing. Last night’s “Unfreeze” really put a damper on things.

The Players:

Episode Title: “Unfreeze”

Nancy lands a highly competitive job, meanwhile Shane graduates from the police academy. Also, Andy looks for work at a local synagogue and Doug’s excessive spending is curtailed.

The Good:

  • Inappropriate Dress: One of the running jokes throughout the series is Nancy’s fashion. In the words of Guillermo, she wears “ridiculous, check-me-out, technicolor slut suits.” In this episode, as she’s giving her son bear-shaped pancakes for breakfast, Silas and Andy give her pointers on how to dress for the office. It’s hilarious – two men giving a grown woman fashion advice on how not to dress like a high-class call girl.
  • Andy Loves Kids: Andy returns to Rabbinical school (this season really is about coming back to basics). He lands a babysitting job as an after-school tutor for tweens. At the beginning, he gets teased by two pranksters/bully-types, but before he becomes their easy target, he wins over the hearts of his students by outsmarting them (with fear!). The writers want us to know that Andy is ready to be a father by the way he interacts with kids. Smart!

The Bad:

  • Nancy Goes To Work: We should have seen this one coming. Or rather, we knew if was going to happen, we just hoped it wouldn’t. We thought the bullet in Nancy’s head had changed her. Turns out that “change speech” she gave a few episodes back was just the excitement talking. Nancy is back to being her same old self by sleeping her way to the top. Maybe she’s just horny. But why must she always open her legs for the guy who stands between her and success? Though she manages to impress her bosses by having a fantastic first day as a sales rep (she lands a major client), we can’t root for her because we know exactly how she got her results.
  • Doug Gets Caught: Nothing is really going on with Doug. He got caught cheating the system — again. And now he has to outsmart it — again. Thankfully, Kevin Nealon is a funny guy who keeps us laughing throughout this recycled plot.


So Andy is back in Rabbi school, Nancy’s wearing revealing clothes and Doug’s cheating the man. We like this “coming full circle” idea, but it’s beginning to feel like the characters’ progress has plateaued — especially Nancy’s.

Rating: 6/10

Weeds airs Sundays at 10 p.m. on Showtime.


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