The Transporter films—while not exactly action cinema’s finest moments, the sub-par action snoozers did have at least two things going for them: Jason Statham’s charm, and a series of uncut and fairly realistic fight scenes.  Again, not exactly high art (or even the kind of action flick Liam Neeson does now when he’s slumming), but hey, Statham’s gotta eat and then date leggy models, right?

So imagine the relative disappointment (but not exactly surprise) when the first trailer for the television series adaptation of The Transporter franchise looks like a poorly-acted, made-for-Cinemax action TV show.  Which makes sense—since it is a poorly-acted, made-for-Cinemax action TV show.

In the series, a disturbingly not-bald Chris Vance steps into Jason Statham’s formerly bald shoes to star as the series’ title character, a professional freelance courier driver who often is forced to kick and punch things.  It’s all pretty perfunctory, and not particularly interesting.  But hey, you’ve got lots of pretty ladies and punching happening, and this is Cinemax after all, so what do want, The Sopranos?  And hey, just for continuity’s sake, they’ve got François Berléand reprising his role from the movie series, for the five people out there who will notice/care.

No release date has been announced yet, but all 12 episodes of the first season will air later this year.

What do you think of the trailer?

Source: Indie Wire