Many of the films that we were looking forward to at the beginning of the year have been pushed back to 2013. This includes Gangster Squad, Gravity, and World War Z. Thankfully, Paul Thomas Anderson‘s The Master isn’t among those on that list because we wouldn’t know what to do with ourselves. The film is still set to hit theaters next month and we’ve got 15 stills to get you all excited. Check them out below.

Although Philip Seymour Hoffman recently told Entertainment Weekly that The Master is “not the L. Ron Hubbard story,” we think it’s definitely going to visit the beginnings of Scientology.

Set in post-WWII, The Master follows the relationship between a charismatic intellectual known as “the master” (Philip Seymour Hoffman) – whose faith-based organization begins to spread in America – and a young drifter (Joaquin Phoenix) who becomes his right-hand man.

The Master is PTA’s first film since 2007′s critically-acclaimed There Will Be Blood. It is one of the year’s most anticipated films. The photos below showcase the relationship between Lancaster Dodd (Seymour) and Freddie Sutton (Phoenix). There’s also a few stills of Dodd spending time with his big happy family.

Amy Adams, Laura Dern, Jesse Plemons, David Warshofsky and Rami Malek also star. The film starts hitting theaters September 14.

Check out the photos below:

Are you excited for The Master?

Source: Coming Soon via Cigarettes & Red Vines