Though The Expendables 2 doesn’t hit theaters until Friday, one of the film’s producers is already talking about who they want for the third film. Producer Avi Lerner threw out four names, Clint Eastwood, Wesley Snipes, Harrison Ford, and Nicolas Cage. And he says they’ve already got Cage lined up.

This is just producer talk (which comes from Total Film), but it feels like The Expendables is a viable franchise and it looks like the second film is going to do well. It helps that it’s a better movie than the first film, which didn’t know what to do with its all star cast.

These names come across as fantasy baseball casting. It’s unlikely that Eastwood would do it, even if his role was basically a walk on, though if he does it will surely be for a scene. Snipes is currently in jail, and Harrison Ford’s resume makes this seem like something beneath him. Perhaps money could coax him into it. Cage is an easy fit as a villain or good guy, though his action films have never had the same raw meat quality that makes these films a perfect fit for Sylvester Stallone and company.

The most glaring omission as of now is Steven Seagal, who would seem an easy fit. And though Jet Li has been in both films, it would make sense to get Jackie Chan and Chow Yun-Fat in the mix, and possibly Michelle Yeoh. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis have slightly larger roles in the sequel, so it’s also possible we could see more of them in the follow up. But this third film will be determined by how well number 2 does, which opens Friday, August 17.

Who would you want in an Expendables sequel?