This week, Drop Dead Diva took a trip down memory lane. It brought back Deb’s mother Bobbi, and teleported us to a time when Owen hadn’t destroyed Jane emotionally. Also, a D-list Lifetime star (the big, scary woman from Dance Moms) makes a guest appearance. As for the episode’s titular “Lady Parts,” we get the pleasure of a case about a sculpture that looks a little vaginal. It has the makings of comic gold or at least bronze.

The Players:

  • Director: Robert J. Wilson
  • Writer: Alfonso H. Moreno & Lynne E. Litt
  • Cast: Brooke Elliott, Jackson Hurst, Kate Levering, April Bowlby, Josh Stamberg

Episode Title: “Lady Parts”

Owen is back and Jane should get an Olympic medal for forgiving and forgetting. One story about heart problems and she switches from woman scorned to mommy dearest. It’s a little unsettling, but if it makes her happy… When she’s not busy coddling Owen, Jane squeezes in time to mother Deb’s mom. She takes on yet another case for her. It turns out Bobbi was a dance teacher back in the day and started teaching again as a way to feel closer to Deb (who was her star student). Unfortunately, a little girl gets hurt on her watch and her overconfident mother sues Bobbi. The woman’s convinced Bobbi has ruined her daughter’s surefire chances on Broadway.

The Good:

  • Owen is Still Kind of an Ass: It’s a little frustrating that Jane let Owen off the hook so easily. But there’s something about his generally unapologetic attitude toward the situation that makes him oddly likable. He’s always been Jane’s emotional opposite. It’s great to see he hasn’t lost what makes him Owen even after such a monumental mistake.
  • Bobbi is a Bitch: I’m listing some pretty negative qualities in the Good column, but hear me out. Bobbi is one of Diva‘s most flawed characters and she’s fantastic for it. It’s easy to see the kind of person Deb probably was by watching Bobbi in action. At the core, she’s a generally good person, but the edges are rough to say the least. Watching her yell at little Deb and push her so hard in those flashbacks were sad. It explains the drive that would lead grownup Deb to plow right into a fruit truck in pursuit of a gig. (Too soon?)
  • Vagina Art: Grayson’s case involves an artist, who he attended high school with. She was commissioned by the city to do a sculpture, but when it turned out looking like a giant vagina and enraging parents’ groups, the city wants to take it down and skip on paying her for six months of work. Grayson takes on the case and manages to beat it (it’s abstract! It’s art! Etc!), but the really good part of this plot comes at the end. Artist Gal knew it looked like a vagina all along and she did it on purpose to generate buzz around her work.

The Bad:

  • Grayson is Boring and Easy: Can we get a show of hands of who is sick of Grayson? Every week he falls for whatever pretty girl flounces through Harrison Parker with a weird case. Even he looks bored by the routine. He’s dead behind the eyes. He’s flirting mindlessly like some broken sexbot and doesn’t seem to be trying to win Jane over anymore.
  • Luke: I don’t like anything about Luke anymore. At the beginning of the season, I saw all this antagonistic potential, but that fizzled by episode two. Then he started to forge an interesting mischievous dynamic with Teri, but that’s long forgotten. Now, he’s been reduced to man candy that Stacy and Kim are quasi-fighting over. He even takes Kim on a date by the end of this episode, to a Nicki Minaj concert. What about that rule where angels can’t date? Didn’t Fred get banished once for just kissing Stacey? Isn’t Luke supposed to be a lot more by-the-book? Is this real life? I’m so confused and not in an interesting way.


This episode wasn’t bad. It never felt boring or slow but it wasn’t great. There were laughs and lots of good moments strung together, but nothing advanced the characters or the season arc. Better luck next week? Let’s hope.

Rating: 7/10

Drop Dead Diva airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on Lifetime

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