This week, Kristen Stewart bailed out of the gritty indie movie Cali, which she was set to star in with Alex Pettyfer. Also, Sean Penn decided he wants to return to the director’s chair and is currently in talks to helm an Into the Wild-y type of movie called Crazy for the Storm. And Keira Knightley will be in the new Jack Ryan reboot, playing the role of the wife. She beat out a bunch of high-profile actresses, so congratulations to her. Alright, here are some more news you might’ve missed out on this week:

  • Kristen Stewart Drops Indie Role: With all the chaos that’s going on in her personal life, Kristen Stewart has dropped out of Nick CassavetesCali. The project would have paired up Stewart with Alex Pettyfer as a couple who make a “fake snuff film which they sell for a wad of cash before beating it out of the San Fernando Valley.” Production was suppose to begin this summer. Now that Stewart is out, there are sumors that Amber Heard is being brought in as the replacement. [Source: Indiewire]
  • Sean Penn Wants To Direct Again: Sean Penn is looking to get back into the directing game. The Hollywood Reporter is saying that Penn is in talks to helm Crazy for the Storm, Warner Brothers’ adaptation of the survival memoir by Norman Ollestad. Survival? Adaptation? Memoir? Seems like something right up Penn’s alley.
  • Mary, Queen Of Scots Will Star…: Saoirse Ronan has been cast as the title character in Mary, Queen of Scots, a new film from screenwriter Michael Hirst (Elizabeth, Elizabeth: The Golden Age). We can smell Oscars all over this. [Source: Cinemablend]
  • Keira Knightly Lands Huge Role: It’s been decided that Keira Knightley will play Jack Ryan’s wife in Kenneth Branagh‘s reboot of the franchise. Knightley beat out a number of high-profile actresses including Felicity Jones, Jessica Biel and Kate Beckinsale. She will star alongside Chris Pine. [Source: Slashfilm]
  • The Avengers As Olympians: Unreality Magazine posted a gallery of the Avengers as Olympians. This is what they would look like if, instead of being superheroes, they were super-athletes. Check those out, they’re pretty cool.
  • Underappreciated Guys In Movies: A lot of bad guys are underappreciated for being villains. We get it. Most people don’t like the guy doing the dirty work. Some villains do end up getting a lot of praise like Hannibal and Darth Vader, but they overshadow the rest. Unreality Magazine put together a list of Five Truly Underappreciated Bad Guys in Movies. Check it out.


  • Red Dawn Poster: Today the first trailer for the Red Dawn remake hit the web. Below we have the new poster for the movie. It features the entire cast looking like tough U.S. citizens, ready to fight for their country.  Check it out:


  • Lena Dunham Endorses The New Yorker: (My idol) Lena Dunham put together a quirky little short, endorsing the new New Yorker App (I’ve downloaded, it’s awesome!). The clip is set up like a late night show with Jon Hamm acting as a jerky host and Dunham as his guest. During her “interview” she shows the clip of her new “movie” The Assistant in which she plays a fast-talking mean editor at the magazine. That clip (inside this clip) is the commercial for The New Yorker app. Check it out: 

That’s the end of our round-up. Keep checking back at ScreenCrave for more entertainment news and features.

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