Necessary or not, Gangster Squad will be reshooting its ending later this month in LA’s Chinatown, which has become the new scene for the big final confrontation in the upcoming action drama. The original ending took place as a shootout inside a movie theater, and is now being reshot out of sensitivity in the wake of the The Dark Knight Rises Aurora shootings.

Warner Bros. has set an August 20 start date for the reshoots, which will take place over five days of night shoots scheduled for stars Ryan Gosling, Josh Brolin, Anthony Mackie, Robert Patrick, Troy Garity and Michael Pena.

As we previously reported, the original shootout scene began in Grauman’s Chinese Theater– with the indelible (and potentially disturbing post-Aurora) images of tommy gun-wielding gangsters shooting from the back of the screen– with the action eventually spilling out on to Hollywood Boulevard.  As such, it’s not really such a huge stretch to move the whole thing out into the street.

CinemaBlend explained that although Gangster Squad is based on real-life efforts by the Los Angeles Police Department to curb gangster violence in the ‘40s and ‘50s, the Chinese theater shootout never actually happened — it was shot with the intention to provide a gorgeous grand finale, and probably would have been if real-life tragedy hadn’t occurred.

Some have argued whether the reshoots are even necessary, and now the film’s been pushed back to a January 11 release date, giving director Ruben Fleischer plenty of time to incorporate the new sequence.

The original shootout sequence can still be seen in the film’s original trailer, which in a case of terrible timing had been airing  in front of screenings of The Dark Knight Rises until the Aurora shootings forced Warner Bros. to pull it.

What do you think of the new Chinatown reshoots — are you still looking forward to Gangster Squad?