The Amityville Horror franchise is not exactly one of horror’s better or more distinguished haunted house franchises—seriously, the villain in Amityville 4 is a goddamn haunted lamp—but like all major horror franchises, it essentially tells the same story over and over again, with just tiny changes and iterations with each new sequel.  The newest Amityville Horror?  A found footage haunted house film.  Hey, just like The Blair Witch Project!  Hey, just like Paranormal Activity!  Hey, just like Paranormal Activity 2!  Hey, just like Paranormal Activity 3!  Hey, just like Paranormal Activity 4!

That’s right—producer Tony DeRosa-Grund is bringing back the Amityville Horror franchise, courtesy of the found-footage genre, and this one will also be “based on a true story, but instead of focusing on people moving into the house it will instead be about people investigating it.”

Apparently, the film will center around the story of Laura DiDio and Marvin Scott, two New York TV journalists who in 1976 investigated the Amityville house and allegedly found the ghost of a young boy In the house.  “The film will use DiDio’s news camera to tell the narrative of the story as she sat through a séance in the horror house.”

No writer, director, or release date for the film has been announced.

What do you think of the Amityville Horror news?

Source: Cinema Blend