The Awakening is hitting theaters on August 17 on limited screens, and if you don’t know much about the Rebecca Hall/Dominic West starring ghost story, they’ve released the first ten minutes to get you in the mood.

The film was released in the United Kingdom last year, and it’s still fresh on Rotten Tomatoes, so it was received well enough and now it’s slowly made its way stateside. The downside to a year lag is that means that it’s readily available to those wishing to import it (or for the more nasty, torrent it), so it’s a smart move for the studio to put a bit out there to wet appetites. Though if it is going limited, it’s likely that most people’s exposure to the film will come through home video and VOD. Here’s the first ten minutes:

We will always love Dominic West because he starred in The Wire, still the greatest show ever to hit television (an opinion that might change when Breaking Bad finishes up, though). Rebecca Hall has been great in a number of movies (The Prestige, Vicky Christina Barcelona), but she’s about to get a lot more exposure as one of the leads in Iron Man 3. So if you want to get to know her before everyone else, The Awakening is a good a place as any to start.

Does showing this much of a movie work for you?