Judd Apatow’s latest salvo in making sure he casts wife Leslie Mann in absolutely everything, This is 40 is the “sort of sequel” to Knocked Up, featuring as it does the return of Mann and Paul Rudd’s supporting characters from that film—a turbulently married couple with two children.  And, once again, we get the story of a wacky man-child and cranky yet ultimately loveable lady who must see past their differences and learn to love themselves, each other, and accept maturity, all while… you know what?  Just watch any one of the last three Apatow films.

The newest trailer for the film continues the one-note dynamic that defined the couple in Knocked Up: Paul Rudd is an adolescent stuck in a man’s body who wishes to escape the everyday grind of his adult life, and Leslie Mann is the neurotic, long-suffering wife who constantly snipes at his misbehavior.  Toss in some charming kids, a wacky roster of supporting characters, and you’ve got the Knocked Up B-story expanded and stretched tight to fill out an entire film’s running time.  Oh, and Paul Rudd gets stoned in a hotel room again, just like in Knocked Up.  Give a gander:

So there you have it: Paul Rudd continues to not age, and Judd Apatow continues to explore the fundamentals of nepotism, while repeating the Apatow movie formula.  This is 40 is set for a December 21st release.

What do you think of the trailer?

Source: Coming Soon