Though we’ve seen a few leaked and unofficial photos of Daniel Day Lewis as our 16th president in Steven Spielberg’s upcoming biopic, Lincoln, today brings us the first official release of an image of Lewis as Abraham Lincoln.  And, well, it’s uncanny.

Entertainment Weekly has just released the first official picture of Lewis as Honest Abe, and the There Will Be Blood and My Left Foot star (and Oscar winner) looks dead-on as our 16th president.  And while Lewis seems to have nailed the physicality, Spielberg notes that the famously Method actor brings an “intangible, pensive quality” to his interpretation of the Great Emancipator.  “Lincoln had a very, very complicated – and at the same time, extremely clear — inner life…he thought things out. He talked things out. He argued both sides of every issue. And he was very careful in making any decision. As a matter of fact, his opponents and his enemies criticized him often for being impossibly slow to a decision.”

Lincoln reportedly centers around the final four months of the president’s life, and the “political strategizing he undertook at the close of the Civil War to ensure that slavery would be forever outlawed.”  Spielberg makes it clear that the film is about “a working leader who must make tough decisions and get things done in the face of overwhelming opposition.”

Lincoln was penned by Angels in America playwright Tony Kushner, and Spielberg was first drawn to the project ten years ago, after reading Doris Goodwin’s book Team of Rivals, about Lincoln and his cabinet.  Lincoln co-stars David Strathairn, Gulliver McGrath, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Sally Field, and Tommy Lee Jones.  The film is set for a November 9th release.

What do you think of the Lincoln pic?