Anyone a bit confused about what’s really going on with Fox and Marvel? Here’s a breakdown of the latest news. Word on the street is that Marvel Studios and Fox are partaking in a little horse trading, with Marvel giving Fox more time to make a new Daredevil movie before the rights go back to Marvel this October, in exchange for Silver Surfer character rights.  But now it appears there may be a hitch in the deal.

As we reported yesterday, the deal would allow Marvel to get hold of a couple of characters currently belonging to Fox, specifically Galactus and the Silver Surfer.  In exchange for the characters, Marvel will extend Fox’s rights to the Daredevil character, which are currently set to expire in October.

But wait, now Fox is saying there is no way they’re giving up a key character like Galactus, as he’s one of the main Fantastic Four staples and the studio is just about to make a new FF movie.

Deadline reported talk from “studio insiders” saying that Fox is actually looking at letting Daredevil go back to Marvel. Although the studio has a reportedly great script in hand with a ’70s thriller / classic Frank Miller vibe and Joe Carnahan (The Grey) in talks to direct, but looking at the recent Fox line-up, the success the studio has had with films like X-Men: First Class and Rise of the Planet of the Apes point to the studio being a lot more interested in Fantastic Four than Daredevil. Does it always come down to money? Seems like a ’70s thriller vigilante hero movie might not be quite Fox’s cup of tea right now.

We heard Fox is interested in either co-financing Daredevil with Marvel and Disney, or just letting the character go back to Marvel, but right now things seem all up in the air. It’s an ongoing story, and things should develop fast, so we’ll keep you posted on any deals that spring up between these two giants.