Warner Brothers, no stranger to bumping pictures around this year, has moved The Great Gatsby from December 2012 to Summer of 2013. There’s no date set, but for those hoping to see two Leonardo DiCaprio films open on Christmas, you’ve been denied.

The Baz Luhrmann adaptation of the F. Scott Fitzgerald classic was in a busy season, and one that already has a number of big Oscar hopefuls. Perhaps more importantly, it was opening directly against Django Unchained, which also stars DiCaprio, whose people must be happy they can focus their Oscar campaigning on one performance (albeit supporting) that seems like something Leo could win. Last year Steven Spielberg had two films he directed open within a week of each other and neither broke $100 Million domestic, so it’s likely that this move is better for both pictures.

Warner Brothers has been playing bump and shuffle with a number of films this year, from the troubled Gangster Squad, to Jack the Giant Killer, to Argo, with the latter being a strong Oscar contender for the year. It may be competing against the studio’s own The Hobbit and Cloud Atlas, which also explains why Warner Brothers may want fewer Oscar picture to deal with.

Luhrmann’s also no stranger to the bump and shuffle, as something similar happened with his film Moulin Rouge in 2001. But the move didn’t hurt the film, which was nominated for eight Oscars, including Best Picture. Rouge was the opening night picture at Cannes in 2001, so it wouldn’t be surprising if Gatsby did that in 2013. Warner Brothers has no date set, but we’d expect a June or August bow.

Were you anxiously awaiting Gatsby, or can you care less?