More news coming out of Marvel Studios today as the cinematic arm of Marvel comics continues to make moves on its ever-expanding chessboard of crossover films.  As it turns out, Fox Studios has only until October 10th to begin filming a Daredevil reboot, or the rights revert back to Marvel.  However, Marvel has stated they will allow Fox more time to develop the project…if Fox will turn over the rights to certain characters from the Fantastic Four and Silver Surfer universe to Marvel.

First, the Daredevil news—now that the smoke, stink and bad memories have finally cleared from the Ben Affleck-starring 2003 Daredevil feature film, Fox has decided to give it another go, this time with Joe Carnahan (The Grey, The A-Team) possibly at the helm.  The film is said to be a “Frank Miller-esque, hardcore ‘70s thriller,” which may finally satiate fans so turned off by the 2003 flick.

However, as we noted above, this new Daredevil film must be in production by October 10th in order for Fox to maintain the rights to the character.  And Marvel is willing to give Fox the extra time it needs—but only if Fox releases the character rights to the Silver Surfer and his nemesis, the gigantic, planet-devouring being known as Galactus (rights that Fox scored for its second Fantastic Four film).

As /Film notes, if Marvel gets its hands on the Silver Surfer and Galactus, they would likely make mind-bogglingly awesome additions to The Avengers 2 and/or Guardians of the Galaxy.

What do you think of the Marvel character news?