Universal, who’ve had a number of misfires this summer (Battleship, Savages), may have won this weekend by moving The Bourne Legacy to August 10. Originally the film was going to open on Friday, and here we’ve seen what happened: The Dark Knight Rises did better business than the Total Recall remake. Next week, Bourne should be number one, and Total Recall is going to struggle to make $70 Million.

Film Weekend Per Screen Total
1 The Dark Knight Rises
$36,440,000 (-41.3%) $8,590 $354,638,000
2 Total Recall $26,000,000 $7,220 $26,000,000
3 Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days $14,700,000 $4,335 $14,700,000
4 Ice Age: Continental Drift $8,400,000 (-37.1%) $2,372 $131,863,000
5 The Watch $6,350,000 (-50.2%) $2,004 $25,363,000
6 Ted $5,479,000 (-25.5%) $1,980 $203,414,000
7 Step Up Revolution $5,300,000 (-54.8%) $2,034 $23,097,000
8 The Amazing Spider-Man $4,300,000 (-35.8%) $1,773 $250,640,000
9 Brave $2,890,000 (-32.9%) $1,370 $223,324,000
10 Magic Mike $1,380,000 (-47.3%) $1,148 $110,894,000

TDKR is now over $350 Million, and should have more than enough juice to get past $400 Million, though $450 seems like the highest benchmark it can reach, unless it levels out. This doesn’t have the zeitgeist the way The Dark Knight did, so I wouldn’t expect anything unusual from the film, and The Avengers should remain the king of the summer. Currently, international is slightly outpacing domestic numbers, so it should get to a billion worldwide.

Sony is now saying that the Total Recall remake cost $125 Million, which is a number they can’t hit in America, so we should start hearing about the international numbers. As others have pointed out the original film opened to $25.5 Million back in 1990 on its way to a $119 Million domestic total. This opened to $26 Million, and won’t crack a hundred.

The Diary of a Wimpy Kid sequel was made on a budget and with the expectation of diminishing returns. It may get to $40-$50 Million domestic total, which Fox will surely take as money in the bank. Though we’re seeing a downward trend in the box office of these films, they may make one last one. Ice Age‘s $132 Million may look paltry, but it’s made nearly $600 Million internationally. Which means more as well, as Drift is currently the third highest grossing film of the year worldwide, and is ahead of The Hunger Games.

The Watch didn’t fall as hard as it could have, but there’s no winning with that film. Ted crossed $200 Million, while The Amazing Spider-Man crossed $250. Both are fading, and with three wide releases next week, anything in the bottom half of this list is vulnerable to lose some or most of their screens.

Reality Check: Everything held stronger than I thought, except Dog Days. With the Olympics and people still skittish about the shooting, I went low.

What did you watch this weekend?