Just in case you were wondering, Ron Howard’s massively ambitious three-film, two-TV series adaptation of Stephen King’s eight-book series The Dark Tower is still possibly happening—after Universal dropped the project, Warner Bros. will decide in the next two weeks whether or not to save it.

/Film has it that Warner Bros. is now receiving Akiva Goldsman’s latest script for the first film in the proposed series, and will be deciding within the next two weeks as to whether or not they will greenlight the extremely ambitious—and extremely expensive—project.

Unfortunately, Javier Bardem is no longer attached to star in the project as Roland, the last gunslinger in an alternate reality who has charged himself with the task of discovering the faltering Dark Tower, a lynchpin that binds the multiple realities and universes of Stephen King’s works as a whole.  Rumor has is that Warner Bros. is now basing their decision to greenlight or not greenlight the project based on the numbers Howar’ds A Beautiful Mind star Russell Crowe would likely pull in (we’ll keep you updated on that as news breaks).

The Dark Tower series consists of eight novels (the original seven were written between 1982 and 2004, with an eight “interquel” novel published in 2012).  In the series, the fabric of reality itself begins to unwind as the mysterious Dark Tower, the center of all reality, weakens; Roland Deschain, “the last gunslinger,” recruits a handful of outsiders and oddballs from our reality to try and stop it, requiring battle with giant robotic bears, visits to the land of Oz, cameos from famous Stephen King characters, and even teaming up with King himself.  It’s wacky.

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