This week, HBO announced that Lena Dunham‘s Girls will be returning at the very beginning of 2013. We also have the trailer for Nobody Walks, a movie which Dunham co-wrote with indie director Ry Russo-Young. On a different note, Warner Bros. seems to be prepping a Batman reboot already, and could potentially have it done by 2016, right after the Justice League movie hits theaters. All that and more below.

  • The Inspiration Behind Heath Ledger’s Joker: Brace yourself. This is probably going to be the creepiest thing you see all day. Someone over at theChive found a Tom Waits 1979 interview that is clearly Heath Ledger‘s inspiration for The Joker in The Dark Knight. Head over to the source to check that clip out, and be sure to skip to 1:30.
  • Olympians’ Awkward Faces: In keeping with the spirit, Unreality Magazine put together a gallery of the awkward faces of divers and figure skaters of the Olympics. Check that out.
  • Gallery Of Fictional Family Portraits: An unknown artist hand-drew a number of portraits featuring famous TV and movie families like The Bluths, The Cosbys and The Drapers (pre-divorce). Check out the spectacular gallery at Unreality Magazine.
  • Drew Barrymore Is Ready To Direct Again: Drew Barrymore is ready to jump back into the director’s chair. She’ll be following her directorial debut Whip It! with The End, an apocalypse drama. According to Vulture, the movie will follow many different characters from several countries as they cope with the end of the world
  • Patton Oswalt Inspirational Letters: Patton Oswalt recently gave a speech at the Just For Laughs Comedy Conference in Montreal, during which he read two letters: one addressed at comedians, the other at executives. You can read both of those inspiring letters at Slashfilm. (Trust me, if you’re a pop culture geek like us and Oswalt, you want to take the time to read these letters. They’re fantastic.)
  • Batman Reboot May Hit Theaters In 2016: According to Comic Book News, Warner Bros. is already prepping a Batman reboot, which will be titled The Batman. The new movie will not be an origin story and will instead focus on Batman’s second year as a superhero. Basically, the studio wants the reboot to go hand-in-hand with the Justice League movie they’re developing.
  • Girls And Enlightened Return In January 2013: HBO has confirmed that both Girls and Enlightened are ready to return to TV in January 2013. Both shows will have ten-episodes. 
  • Hit And Run Release Date Set: Open Road Films has announced that their action-comedy Hit and Run will hit theaters on Wednesday August 22nd. The movie stars Dax Shepard, Kristen Bell and Bradley Cooper, and it’s about a former getaway driver who jeopardizes his Witness Protection Plan to help his girlfriend get out of Los Angeles. If you haven’t seen the trailer, check it out on Youtube.


  • Nobody Walks Trailer: (My idol) Lena Dunham has co-written a movie with indie director Ry Russo-Young titled Nobody Walks. It stars John Krasinki, Rosemarie DeWitt and Olivia Thirlby. The story takes place in Los Angeles and is about a family man who accepts an offer to help a filmmaker finish her movie. Here’s the trailer: 

[via Vulture]

  • Celebrities Read Mean Tweets: We all know that words CAN hurt a person. Whether we care or not is a different story. But, as it turns out, celebrities, who are just like us, do get sad about some of the things said about them on Twitter. Jimmy Kimmel rounded up a bunch of celebs and had them read the mean things people say about them on Twitter. Check it out:

[via Unreality Magazine]

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