Fan of the more fun and light-hearted Oscar ceremonies? Well, in that case we’ve got some good news for you; apparently Jimmy Fallon, host of the infectiously energetic Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, is in talks to host next year’s Academy Awards broadcast, and is sure to bring some laughter, energy and added extra sparkle to the already glittering annual awards ceremony. Read on for more.

The fact that rival network ABC is airing the Oscars (and doesn’t exactly want to have a platform for a rival network’s star) doesn’t seem to have stopped Fallon, according to CinemaBlend, who’ve described this as “huge, exciting news”.

The Los Angeles Times first broke the story, stating that Fallon would also come along with Saturday Night Live producer Lorne Michaels, who would produce the broadcast. So far, the Academy is denying that these talks are taking place, but according to the Times’ impeccable sources, it is – and you can imagine that the Academy wouldn’t want to be breaking this news while ABC still isn’t quite on board with it. Hmmmm.

This news comes after last year’s fiasco involving Brett Ratner and Eddie Murphy quitting as producer and host, to be replaced by a very “bland and very safe” Billy Crystal, it sounds like this year the Academy is once again aiming for a younger audience, so maybe more along the lines of Anne Hathaway and James Franco when they hosted two years ago.  Fallon’s show definitely appeals to a college-aged crowd, and his high-energy enthusiasm for nearly everything could bring both humor and a kind of reverence to the Oscars broadcast, which doesn’t always find it easy to poke fun at Hollywood with all the big A-list talents in the room.

Fallon’s already proved himself when he hosted the Emmys in 2010, so we know he can handle the pressure of hosting such a big gig, as well as probably putting together a dynamite musical number too – always something that helps at the Oscars. Seems like it’s down to ABC to get over the rivalry aspect.

Do you think Fallon is the right choice to host next year’s Oscars?