Guardians of the Galaxy certainly has to be the most intriguing of Marvel’s upcoming slate of films, featuring as it does an Avengers-esque team working together in outer space the distance future.  Oh, and did we mention one team member is a tree?  One team member is a tree.  Another is a talking raccoon.  So there’s that.

And now we have new that three-time Black List scriptwriter Chris McCoy has signed on to rewrite the Guardians of the Galaxy script as “a space adventure movie” for a proposed release of 2014.  McCoy was apparently hired for his “quirky comedic bent,” which /Film notes could be an asset when writing a story about a superhero team up that includes the aforementioned sentient tree and talking raccoon.

The previous script was written by Nicole Perlman.

We now also have a list of who will be in the Guardians cinematic team:

Drax the Destroyer—formerly human, now resurrected as a green warrior designed to kill Thanos (the Power Rangers-looking Big Bad featured in the Avengers post-credits sequence).

Gamora—the last of a dead alien species, originally rescued by Thanos to be an assassin.

Groot—a walking tree.

Rocket Raccoon—a raccoon genetically engineered to be a badass with guns and bombs.

Star-Lord—a vigilante who is half-human and half-alien.

So there you have it—if this actually works, it will be Marvel’s weirdest entry to date.

What do you think of the Guardians news?