Nothing like the wild rollercoaster ride of a casting information on a slow news day. Lynn Cohen has joined The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, while Matthew McConaughey has joined The Wolf of Wall Street.

Cohen will be playing Mags, who is a former mentor to Finnick Odair, and an eighty year old Hunger Games victor from District 4. Cohen is also (mostly) a stage actress in New York, though she’s shown up in films like Munich and the Sex and the City movies. As a mentor she’ll probably have a couple of lines, but Lionsgate has been good at announcing everything that happens when it comes to these movies, and the fans seem to care.

McConaughey will be playing Leonardo DiCaprio‘s mentor in Wolf of Wall Street, which means he’ll likely only have a couple of scenes, and then maybe show up at the end. This is slightly more interesting because of the renaissance McConaughey has been having, which started last spring with The Lincoln Lawyer. Between his recent turns in Magic Mike and Killer Joe, it feels like he’s finally matured into the movie star they tried to make him in the 1990′s. It’s also good to see him out of the bland romantic comedies where he had been stuck trying to court Kate Hudson for a couple of films.

Do you think of Wooderson when someone mentions McConaughey?