Say what you will about the flaws of The Dark Knight Rises—it’s Swiss-cheesed with more plot holes than the entire Nolan oeuvre combined, it lacks some of the idea-based thematic unity of the previous Nolan Bat films, etc—it’s still an out-and-out spectacle of technical filmmaking.  A little bloodless, yes, but still more comprehensible than anything Michael Bay grinds out on a similar scale.  As such, it’s steamrolling through the wallets of filmgoers.

The third and final film in the Christopher Nolan Batman continuity has become only the third film of 2012 to surpass the $300 million domestic earnings mark (the other two being The Avengers with $615.9 million and The Hunger Games with $405.9).  For some context, Coming Soon notes that after 12 days, Batman Begins had earned $122.5 million and The Dark Knight scored $333.9 million.  And in total, Batman Begins collected $205.3 million domestically, while The Dark Knight hit $533.3 million.

So The Dark Knight Rises has already cleared Batman Begins’ total domestic earnings, and will likely settle somewhere just shy of The Dark Knight (it won’t surpass TDK, thanks to a long running time, lack of Heath Ledger’s zeitgeist-galvanizing performance, and less positive word-of-mouth).

Elsewhere, Batman News notes that The Dark Knight Rises earned over $50 million in IMAX screenings on the weekend on July 29—a new record for IMAX earnings.

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