In the mood for some found-footage filmmaking in which you hear things bump around in the background for about 80 minutes followed by 10 minutes of actual activity?  Well, have we ever got something for you—the trailer for Paranormal Activity 4 (a.k.a., Paranormal Activity 4: Jesus, You People Are Still Paying For This?  Seriously, We’re Just NannyCam-ing A Bunch Of Unknowns While Making Things Move Slightly On Kitchen Counters).

That’s right—thanks in part to the fact that these films are incredibly cheap to make (comprised of a series of close-ups and wide security shots married to some thumps and occasionally shifting objects), and to the fact that people keep paying to see them—we’ve got another Paranormal Activity on our hands.  The last one cost $5 million and pulled in $205 million worldwide, so this was inevitable.


While the first film featured the haunting and eventual destruction/possession of Katie, and PA2 was a prequel that took place a few weeks earlier, and PA3 was yet another prequel that took place during Katie’s childhood, PA4 appears to be the first direct sequel to the first film, featuring as it does Katie and her kidnapped nephew spooking a teenage girl that (apparently?) lives in a nearby house.

I suppose you could say that PA4 is an evolution of the series’ format, in that it’s moved on from camcorders and digital cameras to now using WebCams, so I guess that’s something.

PA4 is set for an October 19th release.

What do you think of the trailer?

Source: /Film