The chemistry between Peter Bash and Jared Franklin has been solid since the show’s inception. The jokers, pranksters and all-around buffoons get along very well. But one thing Franklin and Bash has failed to show us (until now), is how they met and developed this kindred friendship. In last night’s “Waiting on a Friend” we finally discovered the glue that holds P and J together.

The Players:

Episode Title: “Waiting on a Friend”

Peter and Jared must clear their name when a former client is arrested for skipping trial. She accuses the two lawyers of paying her to disappear. This promotes an internal misconduct investigation at Infeld-Daniels against the pair that could cost them their jobs. Meanwhile, Jared meets an unexpected love interest (Shiri Appleby) when some New York associates arrive to investigate the claims.

The Good:

  • Origin Stories (Plus Hair Show): The writers threw us a bone and showed us the origin story of several characters. Peter and Jared first met as kids and instantly bonded over a common problem – being picked last for football. We also saw the first meeting between Pindar and the dynamic duo. Pindar was a straight out pimp back in the day. By skipping con-law class and making sexy girls rub disinfectant on his hands, he managed to turn his phobias into lemonade. Sadly, that didn’t last long. The flashback where Peter and Jared first hired Carmen to work for them wasn’t as memorable, but did feature some awful hairdos. In 2000, Peter and Jared both went for this surfer style that made them look like characters from Boogie Nights. We saw their very first trial in which they introduced their silly methods of misbehaving and theatrics. They were held in contempt, but won their case, so ha!
  • Jared’s Love Interest: We’ve been asking for this one, and we finally got it. Jared found somebody to love, possibly. Definitely somebody to like. And she’s cute, smart and also a lawyer. Did we mention she’s played by Shiri Appleby from Roswell?
  • The Quotable: “We figured out how to show our accuser’s boobs in court.”

The Bad:

  • Courtroom Drama: Peter and Jared were in the hot seat this week. One of their former clients had a grudge against them (blamed them for selling out) and made it her job to bring them down. At first the accusations against P and J seemed serious because they could possibly lose their jobs. But then we realized that wasn’t going to happen. This is Franklin and Bash, and getting fired would go against the show’s protocol. Sure, it’s nice to see them win every case, but can’t they sweat it at least once?


The flashback format worked. It was neat to see how some of these friendships were born, plus all of the bad fashion and hair. We’re also happy to see Jared with a new lady love.

Rating: 6.5/10

Franklin and Bash airs Tuesday nights at 10 p.m. on TNT!

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