Vince Vaughn, solidifying his move from once-serious actor to hack, is reviving the classic sitcom The Brady Bunch for CBS, acting as co-developer and executive producer.  Yes, you did indeed read that correctly.

Surprisingly, hotshot Mike Mariano (writer and producer of My Name is Earl and Raising Hope) has come onboard for script writing duties, as the proposed reboot has already received a script order from CBS.  /Film notes that the program will be something of a reboot and sequel to the original Brady Bunch, focusing on the youngest Brady son, Bobby.  In the 1969-1974 original sitcom, Bobby was the youngest of the three Brady boys, but in the new series, he’s a divorced father married to a woman with children of her own from a previous marriage.  So it’s basically a rip-off of Step by Step (itself a rip-off of The Brady Bunch), but minus the thrilling spectacle that is Patrick Duffy attempting to act his way out of a paper bag.

It’s also ntoed that this new Brady Bunch “will reflect more contemporary values and traditions,” with both parents keeping in regular contact with their exes.  Oh, and they family will work together in a small meth-producing factory in their basement to help make ends meet.  Modern! (I can’t back that last thing up, actually).

What do you think of the Brady Bunch news?