It’s that time of year again, when Liam Neeson returns from his slumber to star in whichever mid-level , slick action film Jason Statham isn’t already starring in, or isn’t being revamped into Tony Scott-directed vehicle for Denzel Washington.  This year’s gem?  Taken 2, in which Liam Neeson’s things get taken again, and so he has to take them back, and take some lives in the process.  So you see how clever it is to call the movie Taken 2, right?

Dig the full trailer below, in which Neeson switches into full Charles Bronson in Death Wish II mode after Boris the Blade from Snatch shows up to kidnap his wife, as Neeson once took his son.   So right there, you’ve got even more taking going on.  So it’s not just a clever title.  On top of all that, some Albanians from the first film show up still pissy from the events of the first film.  Cue Neeson growling a whole lot, shooting and thing and then blowing them up:

So there you have it—Taken 2 seems to be solidifying the basic premise of the series: people kidnap Liam Neeson’s loved ones, and Liam Neeson proceeds to shoot the everliving hell out of an Eastern European or Middle Easter city.  Hey, it’s no dumber than The Expendables.

Taken 2 is set for an October 5th.

What do you think of the trailer?

Source: Coming Soon