Just in case you are one of the six people on planet Earth who has yet to see The Dark Knight Rises, and its attached trailer for Skyfall, well, you’re in luck—the Olympic opening ceremony has bestowed upon us a new TV spot with plenty of footage from the new James Bond trailer.

Since some of you may have missed The Dark Knight Rises’ IMAX trailer for Skyfall, or skipped on the Olympic opening ceremony, we’ve got the new TV spot for you below.

So, curious as to what happens in the new Bond film?  Well, it appears that Daniel Craig will coolly dispatch a series of villainous henchmen, engage in a series of witty barbs with his superiors, continuously bend or break the rules in his pursuit of a greater good, sleep with many attractive women, and go up against a mysterious enemy.  So, absolutely nothing like the previous films.  Oh, and there appears to be a pretty slick set-piece involving a train.

Skyfall stars Daniel Craig as James Bond, and costars Judi Dench, Javier Bardem, Ralph Fiennes, and Albert Finney, is directed by Sam Mendes, and is set for a U.S. release on November 9th.  The plot reportedly concerns M’s past “coming back to haunt her” as well as testing Bond’s loyalty to his long-time boss.  Plus, a lot of things go boom-boom.

What do you think of the TV spot?

Source: /Film