There was word that a good quarter of the movie-going public were scared because of the shooting that happened last weekend. So scared they probably wouldn’t go to movies this weekend. Looking at the numbers, it shows. Looking at headline news, it appears their worries were unfounded.

Film Weekend Per Screen Total
1 The Dark Knight Rises
$64,075,000 (-60.2%) $14,549 $289,086,000
2 Ice Age: Continental Drift $13,300,000 (-34.9%) $3,438 $114,847,000
3 The Watch $13,000,000 $4,104 $13,000,000
4 Step Up Revolution $11,800,000 $4,597 $11,800,000
5 Ted $7,353,000 (-26.6%) $2,350 $193,619,000
6 The Amazing Spider-Man $6,800,000 (-37.5%) $2,152 $242,053,000
7 Brave $4,237,000 (-29.7%) $1,661 $217,261,000
8 Magic Mike $2,580,000 (-39.9%) $4,343 $107,587,000
9 Savages $1,753,000 (-48.4%) $1,240 $43,899,000
10 Moonrise Kingdom $1,387,000 (-24.3%) $1,626 $38,396,000

So The Dark Knight Rises is nearing $300 Million domestic, which it should cross by Tuesday, possibly Monday. It’s lagging behind The Dark Knight number-wise, so a half-billion domestic is out of the question. I’d peg it for closer to $450 at this point, but I doubt they’ll be much leveling off, so it will get past $400, but that may be the last major domestic benchmark. International appears to be stronger on this entry than the previous films, so it should get to over a billion worldwide.

Neither The Watch or Step Up opened. It’s pretty embarrassing for The Watch, as it has a lot of star power, but it’s possible that Fox just never cracked a good marketing strategy. Or perhaps people know exactly what it is, and maybe it looks lazy to them, or maybe it’s just a bad movie. Step Up needed to get people in on Friday, and though it did outperform The Watch on that day, it was going to drop after that. It looks like the end of the franchise.

Ted held stronger than Spider-Man, which suggests the $200 Million it’s going to make is because of good word of mouth, and a happy audience. Brave is puttering down, but should be able to pass Wall*E‘s numbers, and possibly get close to Cars - which did $244 Million – but it’s unlikely to top $240 Million. The Royal Tennenbaums made $52 Million over a decade ago, and it seems unlikely that Moonrise Kingdom will get to that number, but Kingdom is still one of Wes Anderson‘s most successful films, and has done almost double his third most successful film, The Life Aquatic, which made $24 Million.

Reality Check: I thought people wouldn’t be afraid this weekend, and that the new pictures would open. Some of those things you can’t predict. But I probably should have factored in the Olympics being a draw, so there’s that.

What did you watch this weekend?