Some bad news for those of you who are still fans of The Killing (and if you are, you’re probably used to bad news by now): AMC has finally done the merciful thing and pulled the plug on The Killing.  As if the show didn’t have enough fairly justified comparisons to Twin Peaks, like that show, it is now being cancelled after a great first season and absolutely misguided second season.

AMC announced today that “after much deliberation,” they’ve finally come to “the difficult decision” not to pick up The Killing for a third season.  The network also noted that it was “incredibly proud” of The Killing, and of working with showrunner Veena Sud and the network’s partners at Fox Television Studios.

Speaking of Fox television Studios, they also issued a statement, noting that they are “extremely” proud of The Killing are currently shopping the drama to various other networks.  “We will proceed to try and find another home for the show.

The Killing has been a rare fumble for AMC, a network that has spun gold with such excellent dramas as Mad Men and Breaking Bad, and somehow even managed to convince an entire nation that The Walking Dead is somehow a decent TV show.  Unfortunately, the same fans that were galvanized by the story of teen murder victim Rosie Laren and the search for her murderer in season one of The Killing were massively let down in season two, when the show continually drug out the storyline long after it had ceased to be interesting.

Where would you like to see The Killing land?  And what would be a good direction for possible season three?

Source: EW