As 2012’s summer movie season begins its post-Dark Knight Rises slowdown into sci-fi (Total Recall, Looper) and schlock (The Expendables 2), it’s time to begin looking forward to the fall/ winter release schedule, which is when the movies that hopefully won’t suck as much will finally be released (seriously, this summer has been one letdown after another).  Added to the list of potential late 2012 hotshots is Ang Lee’s adaptation of The Life of Pi, which just received a full trailer.

Adapted from the novel by Yann Martell, Ang Lee’s The Life of Pi tells the story of Pi Patell, a teenage boy who is shipwrecked after a terrible storm, and is adrift in the sea on a lifeboat…with a Bengal tiger by the name of Richard Parker.

Dig the trailer:

The film documents the connection that develops between Pi and the tiger, and is, from the look of the trailer, quite gorgeous.  However, it remains to be seen if the Lee manages to indelibly capture the source material as unerringly as he did with his adaptation of Brokeback Mountain, or if this will be as ultimately flawed-yet-interesting as his clumsy adaptation of Hulk (still, seeing a teenage boy and his tiger friend battling a wild-eyed Nick Nolte tower-of-electricity creature at sea would be kind of interesting).

The Life of Pi is set for a November 21st release.

What do think of the trailer?