Instead of taking the common, studio-influenced route and making an indie trailer with dancing sequences and hand drawn fonts, Nick Offerman put together a hilarious promo video to announce that his movie Somebody Up There Likes Me will be distributed by Tribeca Film. The clip features Offerman, his wife Megan Mullaly and NBC buddy Alison Brie talking and getting high. Check it out.

Somebody Up There Likes Me is directed by Bob Byington and debuted at SXSW this spring. The movie got positive reactions and you can actually see the festival’s official trailer on YouTube. Recently Tribeca Film picked up the distribution rights to the film and will be releasing it both digitally and in theaters in the spring of 2013.

Somebody Up There Likes Me tells the story of best friends Max (Keith Poulson) and Sal (Offerman) as they deal with life and their shared love of the same girl (Jess Weixler).

In the promo video below, Offerman tries hard to remember the details of his movie (when you can see it, who released it, etc) while getting high off a bong with his wife and Brie. It’s hilarious and best of all, it’s different than most promo clips we usually get to see. This one will stick with you. See it below:

What do you think? Wasn’t this more fun than a conventional indie trailer?

Source: The A.V. Club