Though there wasn’t much doubt about side projects taking over for the duo, it’s good to know that both Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert have signed on to keep doing what they’re doing for the next couple years. Stewart will host The Daily Show through – at least – 2015, while The Colbert Report is on the hook until the end of 2014.

This news comes from Variety, and it’s sort of amazing that The Daily Show has lasted as long as it has. The show started in 1996 with host Craig Kilborn, who was there for three years until the show became successful enough for him to move on to movie roles, and then moving up to the majors hosting CBS’ The Late Late Show from 1999-2004. Stewart took on the role after having tried movies (most notably perhaps The Faculty and Half Baked) and other MTV shows, so there was no guarantee that he’d be a successful successor.

But Stewart, galvanized by the George W. Bush presidency, became one of the most important political pundits and, for many, the counter-balance to Fox News. He also became a launching pad for talents like Steve Carrell, Rob Riggle and Stephen Colbert. And it was Colbert who spun off his own show in 2005. Though some people actually get their news from the duo, it’s worth noting that for comedy shows they’ve been very effective at calling out hypocrisy in both politicians and journalists.

Do you have a favorite bit from either show?